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Babies who are currently available

In order to be fair to all families, kittens will continue to be available until I hear from a family that they are sending a deposit. At that time, they will be marked as "pending deposit".

Week of 24th I am expecting a litter of F2 babies.
Around March 27th we are expecting SBT brown spotted (possibly some blues)

Starlight and Dakota had 6 babies on Feb 1st.
Brown Spotted Boy- PENDING 1000
Snow Spotted Girl- SOLD
Silver Marble Boy- Pending deposit
Snow Marble Boy (blue-eyes) Pending deposit
Brown Marble Boy- SOLD

Click here to watch a video of the Brown Spotted Boy (PENDING)

Click here to watch video of the Silver Marble Boy and the Blue-eyed Snow Marbled Boy (BOTH PENDING RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT)

Below is a picture of the Blue-eyed snow marble boy. This kitten has been DNA tested for color, his eyes are guaranteed to stay blue.


Below are two pictures of the Silver Marble Boy